Chickens Cleaning Up After Horses

Permaculture chickens


Permaculture chickens
 Another Mandela effect?! He seems to be wondering, “Could’ve sworn this dry, fluffy organic material was manure pellets just yesterday!” 😆

In reality,* he’s been trained to process the horses’ manure. It’s part of his job on the farm.

So in exchange for food, the chickens break the manure pellets apart–everyday–which helps dry the manure and dissipates the ammonia smell.  They then mix it into the Soil.

Foraging in the horse stalls

They also devour any parasite eggs they find in the manure and grind them down in their crops.  The horses appreciate this.

So in exchange for the chickens’ services, the horses let a certain percentage of seeds and grains go undigested, which the chickens quickly find and eat.

Chickens Cleaning Up After Horses
Rooster busy looking for little things to eat, the fact that he’s also processing manure for the compost pile is a bonus!

So, two animal elements that work very well together in a permaculture system: Horses and Chickens.

We’re adding ducks to the clean-up crew soon!  Posting updates along the way…🖒

Watch Chickens Cleaning Up After Horses 

 *pun intended

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