About Us

We’re a small team of permaculturalists and city farmers working to help people grow their own organic, non-GMO food wherever they are–whether it’s a backyard, a 1/4 acre, an urban apartment, or broad acreage.

We’re here to spread the word:  You can grow enough to feed yourself and your family–in less space than you think.  It’s the future of food:  grown where it’s needed.

Today more than ever, it is absolutely crucial to begin growing our own food.  Good, clean, heirloom, non-GMO vegetables.  Fruit and nut trees.  Productive, climbing vines and root crops.  Edible mushrooms.  Even fish, in Aquaponics systems.

How to start?  That’s where we come in; the Green Earth Permaculture Team will get you on your way to total sustainability.

Contact us for more information on what a Permaculture Consultancy can do for you to make your dream of sustainability a reality.


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