Raising Chicks With Rooster’s Help

So i’m raising a new batch of females, and to get them used to processing the horse manure, I bring them around one of my trusted roosters and scatter black oil sunflower seeds on the pellets.  Papa Rooster takes it from there. And as they grow into pullets, they’ll visit the horse areas on theirContinue reading “Raising Chicks With Rooster’s Help”

Chickens Cleaning Up After Horses

  In reality,* he’s been trained to process the horses’ manure. It’s part of his job on the farm. So in exchange for food, the chickens break the manure pellets apart–everyday–which helps dry the manure and dissipates the ammonia smell.  They then mix it into the Soil. They also devour any parasite eggs they findContinue reading “Chickens Cleaning Up After Horses”