Food garden project: St. Vinnie’s Bistro at Haven for Hope

Good morning Cynthia, and Chef Lorris,

I included a concept sketch of the kitchen garden we had discussed previously.  Please review at your leisure and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to include.

Thank you, Arturo


Proposed space for Chef’s kitchen garden:

Wicking beds arranged to provide optimal workflow and ease of tending and harvest.

  • Vegetables and herbs can be grown in wicking beds, which are built out of lumber with a plastic liner on the inside to prevent spilling of soil onto concrete when watering.
  • Existing growboxes can be used to grow vegetables vertically on the fence. (Squash, tomatoes, beans and others)
  • Arbor can be built to grow more vegetables vertically and overhead to give shade to the break space for employees and volunteers.
  • A fruit tree can be planted in far corner and its branches trained to grow along the fence and wall, providing fruit at a convenient harvesting height.

  • Potatoes can be grown in potato towers, which is a great growing method for tight urban spaces. See potato tower concept drawing below:

Please let me know if there are any additional ideas you would like to include…


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