Transplanting Vetiver from Your Mother Colony to Erosion-prone Areas

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After your Vetiver plants have about a year’s growth on them, you may decide to divide and transplant some plants to erosion prone areas of your small-holding.

How to transplant your Vetiver to other areas of your urban farm:

  • Select a strong Vetiver plant from the most stabilized area of your system.
  • Divide it in half. Then again and again, until each Vetiver plant consists of 2-3 slips.
  • Store in a bucket with 4″ water.
  • Dig a small, 4-6″ trench perpendicular to the high water flow area.
  • Place a vetiver slip each 4-6 inches 
  • Fill in with Soil, tamp in carefully with your foot.
  • Water them in, so all their roots settle into place.
  • Cut tops to about 12-18″ to reduce stress and promote stronger root growth and tillering.
  • Double up vetiver in high water flow areas.  You can even lay down triple lines of Vetiver grass to secure your Soil and quickly stabilize an area.
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