Erosion Control With Vetiver

Dr. Marroquin,

Here’s your September update:

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May 9th, 2017

Good morning Dr. Marroquin,

Welcome to your updates page!  Where you can watch the projects developing on your property.

The first pic below is of the lowest elevation on your property.  The point where soil loss is worse, as evidenced by the rainwater channels below; you can see how the soil is being carried away.  It needs a triple line of Vetiver and swale to put a stop to the huge losses of irreplaceable Soil.

flash flood erosion damage
Above, flash flood aftermath showing patterns of massive Soil loss
vetiver stops erosion
Swale installed with a triple line of Vetiver planted on swale mound to stop extreme erosion
Vetiver grass–This was a single slip, now there at least 6
Vetiver grass
Vetiver roots system shows new growth
Vetiver roots: weblike, excellent at holding onto Soil



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